Hands From Memory
2021, 15’
“Hands From Memory” is a documentation where Nari Kim recollects/re-visits her hand movements from her memories of creating fake flowers, at the age of six years old. Unlike focusing on the final product of the plastic flowers that remain alike in her memory, rather, it focuses on the restoration of her hand movements and senses, while in the process of recreating her memory, through the experimentation of how much she re-collected and could deliver.

While commissioning her work Bloom (2015), which consists of plastic flowers, the artist was sensuously shocked when she happened to stumble upon the identical plastic flower in a New York City dollar store, to which a factory in china was creating in a YouTube video. This video was showing the identical process of flower making as to what she created when she was living in Korea, at six years old. This shock motivates this video, where the artist attempts to identify what it is.

The online classroom setting found at ProjectArt inspired the artist during the pandemic, especially in terms of the phenomenon of 'changed perspectives' through virtual space, memory and otherness.

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