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Word Making Game

Word making game, 2010, recorded sound, The object of becoming art work. Installation.

Participants will be given from A to E in rotation. When their turn comes, all they have to do is to say a word which is related to 'The object of Becoming an art work' which is the object that can be an art work through 'word making game' in front of them. When a person says a word that is connected to the object, the others push the bell if they agree with. Participants will pass when more than one bell is rung. They will be eliminated if they can't say a word within five seconds or if no bell is rung. 



Word making game, 2010, still cut.



The object of Becoming an art work, 2010, steel, wood, nail, plastic, a ventilator, 60x60x80 cm.

This object is designed for 'Word Making Game'. After participating in 'Word Making Game', this object will become an art work.




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